Zubeen Garg Leaves Stage Midway Amid Objections to Hindi Songs by organizer of Bihu

Assam’s top singer Zubeen Garg late Friday night quit a bihu stage after the organisers stopped him from singing a Hindi number Music. However, the organizers of Bihu in Noonmati, Guwahati in Assam seem to have a different take on music and language.

As music sees no language or barriers and that is the theory we all have been abiding by with respect to this field.

Zubeen Garg was halted in the middle of his performance in Noonmati while he was singing a hindi song. This later led to a commotion between the show organizers and Zubeen.

“I am an artist and I have the freedom to sing. I have sung over 16,000 songs in 25 years. Moreover, while Hindi is our national language, bihu is a festival of music,” the singer later said. “Assamese, Hindi, Bengali and most other languages have originated from Sanskrit, and I don’t understand why I was stopped,” he said.

“I’m a straightforward person…I can’t bow down to anyone. You don’t have to pay me for this event. I leaving the show,” Garg told the organiser before leaving.

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