World Aids Day: HIV+ and AIDS are not same

Today, December 1 is World AIDS day. Many groups and organizations of the state went out on the streets in various places to spread awareness so that we stand united in our fight against the dangerous disease.

Our society has many boundaries due to which people are reluctant to talk about it freely. Many cases go unnoticed and remain behind closed walls. Transparency is a pillar that can give proper direction to the awareness programmes.

Not many are exactly aware of the virus in details. People get scared too quickly and lose the hope of fighting the disease. For a lot of people the concept is very unclear.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and AIDS are different. When a person is tested positive with HIV (HIV+) it means that his blood is affected with the virus but his immunity is not compromised fully and it can be transmitted through needles, sexual contact etc.

Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is said to occur when a person’s immunity loses all its immune capacity and he starts suffering infections like TB, diarrhea, cold etc. on a daily basis. In a sense it is the last stage of the disease.

A person with HIV+ can fight it and evade it for life with strict regime. The cell count on the basis of which anti viral medicine is prepared has been improvised in India recently.

Many celebrities around the globe are living a stable life with HIV+. If we put our best efforts to fight the deadly virus one day we can observe a No AIDS day too.

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