Shah Rukh Explains How He is an ‘Accidental Movie Star’ to IIM Bangalore

SRK photographed at a sneak preview launch event of Dilwale.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan addressed the alumni of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), an assortment of “smart and sexy people”, on December 11, as part of the IIMB Leadership Summit. SRK, who has previously spoken at the Yale University and the University of Edinburgh, had plenty of advice in his kitty, but mother of all teachings was that one has to be “Dilwale” to achieve what is aspired. (Also Read: Why Shah Rukh Khan is ‘Really Embarrassed’ by Forbes Ranking)

SRK commenced his speech with a joke, which explained the apparent difference between the audience and the “lesser mortals”, and gave him courage to go on at the podium.

Shah Rukh said that the concept of a perfect life is a farce and imperfection and destiny are to be embraced. However, about him embracing his destiny, he quipped: “In my case I will embrace Kajol, Madhuri (Dixit) and Alia (Bhatt) also, which unfortunately doesn’t come in your perks package, whichever company you join or create.”

SRK also mentioned that accidents can have positive repercussions too. And narrated how he became a movie star: “I am a living proof of an accidental movie star/entrepreneur/speaker at an IIM gathering. I wanted to be a sportsman. Represent India hopefully as a hockey or a cricket player. Suddenly I hurt my back. Didn’t have the resources to get the best treatment. Joined a theatre group to fill in time and overcome my sadness of not being able to play at a professional level. Father died and we were evicted from our rented house. Mother went looking for a smaller place and the dealer’s father-in-law was making a series, called Fauji. My mother sent me to him and he cast me as Abhimanyu Rai in the serial. Things went ballistic from there. I got film offers and one thing led to another, and I became a movie star.”

Commenting on hard work and failure, SRK, who has topped the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list, spoke about how he deals with it: “You can cry and wallow. I do that often and I am not ashamed to admit it. I do that in a special corner reserved for tears in my huge golden bathroom. Somewhere between the jacuzzi and the steam room, I sit on the floor and shed huge tears of self-pity, persecution and how the world doesn’t understand my genius and efforts. But then I take a hot and cold shower and walk out wearing my limited edition cologne, ready to embrace disaster.”

Shah Rukh, who confessed that he is “no guru in creative leadership”, also had lots to share on the essence of creativity, leadership skills, success and its aftermath. SRK, who will next be seen in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale, concluded his speech by saying: “Unless you live by the heart, unless you are Dilwale, none of this will truly translate into the splendour that life is capable of unfolding before you. It’s an honour to be amidst you, and talk with you, for it does get lonely just talking to myself in the corner of my golden bathroom.”

Dilwale also stars Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, and is scheduled to hit screens on December 18.

Written by: Nilanjana Basu

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