Rahul blames PM for poll stand-off

Meghalaya BJP says Congress president trying to fool people, seeks apology for remarks

Rahul with religious leaders in Shillong on Wednesday. Picture by UB Photos

Shillong: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pushed the Naga framework agreement like demonetisation, leading to the present situation in Nagaland.

Nagaland is scheduled go to the polls on February 27 but a majority of the parties in the state, including the Congress, have agreed not to participate in the election demanding solution to the Naga problem before election.

Rahul, who concluded his two-day visit to poll-bound Meghalaya, told reporters that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called up then Congress party president Sonia Gandhi saying that the Naga problem had been solved and an accord had been signed. However, the then chief ministers of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh had no idea about the agreement and when they called up the Union home ministry, the officials also had no idea about it.

“Nobody understands what has been signed and while there is a document supposedly doing the rounds nobody knows what it is,” he said, adding that the Naga agreement was executed the same way as demonetisation and GST implementation.

Blaming the Prime Minister’s style of functioning for the situation in Nagaland, Rahul said, “The people of the country do not believe the PM because he has got credibility problem and there is a reaction to this type of behaviour.”

He said the Prime Minister had promised to create two crore jobs a year but it had turned out to be a joke with just 450 new jobs created.

Earlier during the day, Rahul met representatives of Christian, Muslim and Sikh communities, Seng Khasi (an organisation of indigenous Khasi faith), the Central Puja Committee and traditional heads from across the state.

Seng Khasi leader A. Tariang said, “There was no suppression of Khasi indigenous faith but we apprised Rahul of the issue related to giving minority status to its followers.”

Puja committee general secretary J.L. Das said, “We discussed development and the fact that Meghalaya is a Christian-dominated state. There is no denial of religious rights or intolerances. We work together with Churches for peace and harmony.”

Bishop Michael of the Church of North India said, “We expressed concern over insecurity because of incidents against minorities in some parts of the country and the need to grow together and respect each other.”

Unitarian Church representative D.K.B. Mukhim said they discussed unity in diversity. “India is a secular and pluralistic society and we will join hands with those working for communal harmony. Rahul said inclusiveness was his party’s principle.”

Rahul told reporters that there was angst and discomfort among the people because of imposition of one idea and that Church leaders and other groups believed that India was made up of million perspectives and forcing a perspective was not right.

Rining Lyngdoh Telegraph India

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