Poison of Mind

The dark shadow of ‘SUPERSTITIONS’ has engulfed the Indian society for time and long. People had faith on super natural powers since ancient times. Superstition means an unreasoned belief or blind faith. Superstitions mainly arise due to lack of education and ignorance. In ancient times it was a normal thing as illiteracy was common and modern science was not much developed at that time. Primitive people had no knowledge about natural disaster, they believed rain,thunderstorm happened due to God’s anger. But today’s society is modern and scientifically well developed too, still people have these unfounded beliefs in their mind. Though the world has improved scientifically and technically but people have not given up their blind faith.

There are many beliefs and practices in our society which are not good for it. They harm the society badly. Beliefs like warding off devil’s eye, cat crossing the road, sneezing during departure time, lucky-unlucky number, God men/women etc are commonplace in our lives. Even people also know about their blind belief but they can not erase these thinking from their mind. Many people believe in ghosts and spirits. Even some of them are expert in spirit calling. Theses blind faiths vary from people to people, region to region.

Some of these beliefs are really very horrible which can not be explained easily. This is shameful for the society. Even though India has grown up in many fields, still people of the country do not cease to talk on these topics. There are many regions where a widow is considered as inauspicious because people think she is the reason of her husband’s death. The society does not allow the widow to go to any auspicious functions. Witchcraft is another superstition which becomes terrible for our society. It widely covers in backward areas of the country. Many innocent lives were killed in the name of witch hunting. It likes a contagious disease If we do not take any remedy against the disease, then it will destroy the society very soon.

These superstitious beliefs bring darkness into the society, even some people take chance in the name of superstitions and started some fake business. These simple and ignorant people were made fool and exploited by the clever class. If we people would not be aware on this practice then it will be grown up and continued to take deep root other country. Government has to take steps to stop this custom, otherwise it will lead horrific crime. Education is the main factor for eradicating these irrational beliefs. Media is another powerful way for eradicating superstitions. It can bring awareness to these backward society and erase such practices and beliefs. Today’s youth is very strong, smart and responsible. They have to fight to save the society from such customs,beliefs and practices. Superstitions are poison of mind.

This opinion is submitted by Rimjhim Borthakur
Email: rimjhimborthakur@gmail.com

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