NEEPCO to develop Early Warning System for flood

SHILLONG, Aug 6 – North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) today said it has engaged an international consultant for finalisation of Early Warning Systems for its hydro electric projects in Arunachal Pradesh, says PTI.

“An international consultant has already been engaged for finalisation of Early Warning System to be operationalised during operation of Power House as well as Flood period,” a NEEPCO statement said here.

The system is likely to be finalised very soon.

The early warning system would provide advance information of flood or other emergency situation to enable the district administration as well as the people to take advance action for relief, rescue and other measures.

The statement said that havoc created by monsoon in June and July has affected Papum Pare district of Arunachal Pradesh and certain portion of NEEPCO’s hydro electric power project suffered minor damage there.

NEEPCO engineers are working hard to achieve the goal of commissioning the project within six months, the statement said.

Pare Dam: North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) has clarified that the Dam under construction in Pare Hydro Electric Power Project is in absolutely safe and sound condition, a press release said.

With reference to recent reports regarding Pare Hydro Electric Project, it further clarified that the diversion tunnel constructed during the initial stage of the construction is functioning satisfactorily. However, during the torrential rainfall in June end and July, only the cut and cover portion has been damaged, which in no way is any threat to the Dam.

The release said that the diversion tunnel is a temporary structure of the project which is well within the project premises (having no outside connection or impact) constructed to temporarily divert river water and to construct the dam. The diversion tunnel shall be permanently plugged with concrete in October next after construction of the spillway of the dam. Cited damage in the outlet of diversion tunnel shall in no circumstance cause any threat to the downstream people, according to the release.

NEEPCO wants to clarify that the reported damage in NH-415 is apparently due to high river inflow and the damage should not be attributed to the Corporation as it is in no way linked to the Pare Dam. Havoc created by recent heavy monsoon has affected Papumpare district and its adjoining areas and NEEPCO is also not spared from it. Despite this, the Corporation is committed to commission the project within the next six months, the release added.

News Source Assam Tribune

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