Keep minimum balance in SBI account or pay fine

State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest lender, will resume charging customers who don’t maintain monthly account average balance (MAB) in their savings bank accounts from April 1. These charges will be based on the difference between the minimum balance required and the shortfall.

The minimum monthly balance for savings bank account holders in metropolitan areas is Rs 5,000. Similarly, in urban areas, SBI customers will need to maintain a monthly average balance of Rs 3000. In semi-urban areas, the amount is Rs 2,000, while for rural areas, the monthly average is Rs 1,000.

For metropolitan areas, if the shortfall is greater than 75 per cent, the charges would be Rs 100-plus service tax. Similarly, in urban areas, if the shortfall in MAB is less than 50 per cent, then a charge of Rs 40 plus service tax will be levied.

Meanwhile, SBI has reduced interest rates on term deposits maturing between 180 days and one year, and between 456 days and three years with effect from March 1.

The country’s largest bank by assets will now pay 6.5 per cent on deposits with maturities between 180 days and less than one year, and 6.75 per cent on those maturing between 456 days and less than three years.

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