Guwahati to be hub of Asean, says Mukhi

Jagdish Mukhi in Diburgarh on Monday. Picture by UB Photos

Dibrugarh: Assam governor Jagdish Mukhi on Monday said Guwahati will be developed as the connectivity hub of Asean countries as the region has a lot of potential for trade links.

Talking to media at the circuit house here, Mukhi said, “China has taken the upper hand when compared to us in terms of connectivity with Asean countries. We have been left behind. Kunming, which is Yunan’s capital, has air connectivity to all 10 Southeast Asian nations. We are planning to develop Guwahati as the Kunming of India. Our objective is very clear. The Northeast should be a prime area of the country.”

“The Centre has decided to open a Bhutan consulate in Guwahati but we need all the 10 consulates here to become a hub,” Mukhi said. “If all the consulates of Asean countries open in Guwahati, there is no need to go to New Delhi. There are a lot of opportunities in this region but we have to develop the infrastructure for better trade links,” Mukhi said.

He said he had suggested to the Centre to give subsidised air travel to all Asean countries under the Udan scheme.

“The Udan scheme has been framed by the government only for local flights under subsidised rates. The scheme should be given a ‘twist’ so that we can have air connectivity with all the 10 Asean nations from Guwahati under the Udan scheme. After 3-4 years it is going to be a large earning area. The Southeast Asian countries comprises a market of 18 million people and Assam could be the gateway,” Mukhi added.

Mukhi met all the district officials and discussed various issues. Later, he took part in a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Dibrugarh.

Avik Chakraborty Telegraph India

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