GMC plan for 100% purity

Guwahati: Guwahati Municipal Corporation mayor Mrigen Sarania said on Wednesday that he has directed officials to take extensive measures to purify water from the Brahmaputra before supplying it to households.

A large area of the city from Pandu to Bhangagarh is covered under the GMC’s water supply project providing over 410 lakh litres of drinking water daily. It has three water purification plants at Satpukhuri, Kamakhya and Panbazar. Sources said the plants use ferric alum to extract mud and subsequently bleaching powder and lime. In the past few days, all purifying agents have been increased by “around 40 per cent” to ensure the water is fit for consumption.

“For the past couple of days we have received information about the changing colour of water even after purification. I have instructed officials to ensure there are no gaps in the water purification process. We have also sent some water samples to the laboratory of the food safety department. They will give the report soon,” Sarania said.

On the presence of harmful ingredients in the water, Sarania said, “We learnt the water was becoming whitish. There is a probability of harmful ingredients in the water. We will confirm it after getting the report.”

On the action taken, he said, “I have directed increase in the amount of lime and alum used during the purification process. A hydrology expert said the condition was serious but not alarming.”

Manash Pratim Dutta Telegraph India

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