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Guwahati: Dispur is planning a cyber dome to augment the state police’s capacity to deal with cyber crime cases, similar to Kerala police.

Official sources said the plan to have a cyber dome was initiated to have a cyber threat resilient ecosystem and make the state police more responsive and tech-savvy.

A dome is a centre of excellence in cyber security and technology augmentation for effective policing. A cyber dome makes collective coordination among government departments and agencies, academia, research groups, NGOs and ethical hackers. The dome will have facilities to deal with cyber crime and forensics and a social media monitoring cell.

“Making the state police tech-savvy is a requirement of modern day policing across the world but our existing infrastructure is not adequate to meet the growing challenge of cyber threat. It is necessary to have a well-coordinated agency to prevent cyber attacks and make our systems cyber attack resilient,” a source said.

According to the Crime in India 2016 report of the National Crime Records Bureau, Assam had the fifth highest number of cyber crime cases among the states with 696 cases reported in 2016. This was over 44 per cent increase on the 483 cyber crime cases reported in 2015.

Sources said the state decided to have a social media monitoring unit to prevent spread of rumours and use of social media for spread of militancy. The state police recently opened a cell in the state police headquarters to monitor social media to keep track of the spread of rumours regarding NRC update.

“We have seen how hackers have either hacked or defaced the websites of government institutions. Hence, we require a special unit comprising experts and latest tools to make our system cyber attack resilient. The government is now increasingly going for a digital system for more transparency,” the source said.

SUMIR KARMAKAR Telegraph India

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