Assam gets first platelet donor scheme

Deepa Bhuyan addresses the news conference in Guwahati on Friday. Picture by Manash Das

Guwahati: A unit of Apollo Hospitals here has introduced a single-donor platelet donation system for the first time in Assam. This will facilitate treatment of patients suffering from dengue, cancer and various bone marrow-related diseases.

Addressing a news conference here on Friday, Deepa Bhuyan, medical officer of the hospital here, said the process of donating platelets through a single donor is known as apheresis.

“The system will be launched this month. We have seen that people suffering from dengue or leukaemia need ample number of platelets. During emergency we do not find enough donors and therefore, we have introduced this single-donor platelet donation system,” she said.

Apheresis treats acute haemorrhage secondary to thrombocytopenia and provides prophylaxis from haemorrhage in patients with bone marrow aphasia.

Bhuyan said platelets are required to prevent bleeding in patients whose platelet counts are very low. In this process, a donor undergoes the apheresis procedure for an hour during which platelets are collected.

“The donor should be preferably male as the veins have to be strong. The procedure is completely safe for the donor and their resistance will come back within 72 hours after which they can again donate blood or platelet,” she added.

Donors would be examined thoroughly before the platelets are collected, Bhuyan said. In this new system, a large unit of platelets could be collected from a single donor.

The cost of the procedure will be approximately Rs 10,000, while the platelets will be collected through a machine called Trima Accel.

Juthika Baruah Telegraph India

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