Akhil hints at ‘third alternative’ for nation

Guwahati: Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) leader Akhil Gogoi on Wednesday said a “third political alternative” comprising at least 30 people’s movement organisations was on the cards across the country, more than five years after rejecting AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal’s offer to plunge into active politics.

“Both the BJP and the Congress are the parties of corporate groups only. No one is committed to the common people’s interests. Neither the Left parties nor the Samajwadi and the Trinamul can offer an alternative. In yesterday’s Yuva HunkarRally we discussed that only people’s movement groups can now do so. We are planning to have a common platform of such groups – be it the Patidar leaders in Gujarat like Jignesh Mevani, Kanhaiyan Kumar of Bihar, Umer Khalid of Jammu and Kashmir or KMSS in Assam. We will have a co-ordination committee soon to take our agenda of having a third alternative politics in the country forward soon,” Akhil told The Telegraph over phone from New Delhi.

Akhil, also an RTI activist, and Kejriwal were part of the core committee of the Anna Hazare-led India against Corruption but left it after Kerjiwal formed the AAP and fought elections in Delhi.

“I still say Arvind was in a hurry for power. I asked him to wait for the IAC to be a stronger force before getting into electoral politics but he was in a hurry,” Akhil said.

Akhil, Mevani, Kanhaiyan Kumar and others had addressed the Hunkar rally at Parliament Street on Tuesday. All of them slammed the Narendra Modi government saying the BJP and the RSS was bent upon destroying the secular, democratic fabric of the country by dividing people on religious lines.

The KMSS leader said fighting “religious fascism” of the BJP and having an alternative economic policy in favour of people and not the corporate groups would be the focus areas of the third alternative.

“Fighting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, introduced by the Modi government, will also be one of the issues. We cannot allow the illegal migrants from Bangladesh to settle in Assam, be it Hindus or Muslims. The bill seeks to divide people by offering citizenship to non-Muslim migrants,” he said.

When asked if the third alternative would contest elections, he said, “That may happen.”

“Mevani and a few other emerging youth leaders will take part in a similar Hunkar rally to be held here next month.

The KMSS had formed its political party, the Ganamukti Sangram, Asom, in 2015 but decided not to contest the 2016 Assembly elections saying it would wait till the party “matured”.

Sumir Karmakar Telegraph India

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