About Assam Talks

“Assam Talks” for us is the result of the popular demand that has been uprooting in the minds of the Assamese people of late – for a channel that will supply pure and authentic news without any colour, flavour or views. It’s true that, Assam has seen the mushroom growth of a number of News Channels in the recent past with spiced up ‘news’ which leave people in doldrums !! The quest for purity and true informations were strongly raising the public opinion for a Strong News Channel that supply news without any topping !!

And with that concept in mind, we started. The very opening ceremony of our News Channel saw the gathering of different sections of people from art, literature , culture, politics and all defying the barriers of caste, creed, religion or others. In this short period of our movement, we have seen success in the sense of acceptance amongst people. And we believe we will never let the people down !!!

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