400 CCTV cameras to monitor crowd

A bird’s eye view of ACA Stadium in Barsapara in Guwahati ahead of the second T20 international match between India and Australia on Tuesday. (PTI)

Guwahati, Oct. 7: Nearly 400 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are installed at the ACA Stadium here ahead of the T20 international between India and Australia on Tuesday.

“We have installed about 400 CCTV cameras in and around the stadium, equipped to focus on every single seat and every corner of the streets leading to the stadium premises. The cameras are focused in such a way that the monitoring authorities will be able to single out anybody responsible for any misconduct or provide emergency service to anybody in need. The control room will be manned by the Assam Police,” Assam Cricket Association (ACA) vice-president and spokesman Devajit Saikia said today.

Kamrup (Metro) deputy commissioner M. Angamuthu inspected the arrangement yesterday and expressed his satisfaction over the high security equipment.

“Besides, we have installed a very good quality public address system with crystal clear sound and two giant screens inside the stadium, apart from creating at least three new gates for the convenience of the spectators,” Saikia said.

Devajit Saikia in Guwahati on Saturday. Picture by UB Photos

Meanwhile, the ACA will again sell over 3,000 tickets online tomorrow for the match. “There will be 3,000 to 4,000 tickets up for grabs online from 1pm tomorrow. This is done in order to give a second and final opportunity to the fans who could not book in the first phase when over 15,000 tickets were sold,” Saikia said, adding, “However, there will be no tickets for the students’ gallery as all the tickets are sold out.”

On the other hand, the ACA has decided not to auction all the corporate boxes for the match and reserve some for the sale of individual tickets. Sources said, the base price for the boxes have also been raised from Rs 5.25 lakh to Rs 9 lakh. “We have decided to auction only four to five boxes out of a total of 12,” he said.

The decision to sell the tickets online again was taken after some were returned unsold by affiliated district units of the ACA. All the 33 district units were allocated 250 tickets each of different denomination and the seven playing zones were issued 150 each.

Imtiaz Ahmed Telegraph India

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